Flag of The Duchy of Aquitane

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By Crusader1307

Originally formed within Francia in the 6th Century AD, The Duchy of Aquitaine would become an independent State in the 7th Century AD. They were assimilated into The Carolingian Empire as West Francia (8th Century AD). Due to their relationship with The Angevin Kings of England, they withdrew their support of France for England and were among the first to claim England's King Edward III as their Liege. With France's tacit victory of The War in 1450, The Territory would be absorbed as a Province of France and fall under The French Monarchs and later Revolutionary Republican Governments. It is currently related to Bordeaux in Governmental Administration. The claimed Flag of Aquitaine during The Middle Ages and The Hundred Years War, was based heavily on England's “Wessex” Flag. This was chosen to show their support for King Edward III. The Filed was Red in it's entirety. Centered, was a single Gold Lion (advancing). The official Seal of The Province still bears these symbols.