Flag of The Alabama ''Red Rovers'' Militia

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By Crusader1307

Many US States felt sympathy for the Texas Rebels in their War for Independence against Mexico. So did the US Government. However, they were not interested in going to War with Mexico (at that moment). Even the supplying the Rebels with arms and munitions would have been seen as an Act of War. Still, many “Volunteer Militias” were formed of men who went to serve with Sam Houston's Forces in their fight. The general rule was however, NOT to fly any State Flag or US Colors. As we have seen with the famous “New Orleans Grays”, The State of Alabama sent “The Red Rovers”. The Militia of 60 men went to help the defenders of the Fort of Goliad. Captured after a fierce fire fight, they were marched out of a Mexican Hospital in 1836 (as were other survivors) – and shot as they marched along the road, out of Town! Their Colors were seen as a solid Red Field without imagery or writing.