Flag of The 2nd Continental Light Dragoons

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Formed in Connecticut (1776), The 2nd Regiment of Light Dragoons, were one of the first Units deployed by the young United States, in their War against Great Britain. As “Mounted Infantry” - or “Dragoons”, they traveled by horse. Carrying the lightest of equipment and stripped down to simple sword, saber or pistol, The 2nd Regiment fought well into 1778, when the Unit suffered maximum casualties at The Battle of Pound Ridge. The Flag was a bright Blue Field, with 13-Yellow Stripes affixed to the Upper left Canton. Centered on the Flag is a bursting Sun -with attached Wings (attesting to “swiftness”). The Units Motto (embroidered underneath The Sun and Wing motif) was Her County Calls and Her Sons Respond in Tones of Thunder!