Flag of Jacquotte Delahaye

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By Crusader1307

Jacquotte Delahaye was – as we have seen, was one of the few Female Pirates who operated in the 17th Century AD. Many cite that ''She'' may have been the combination of several such ''Lasses of The Sea'', but others are firm in their belief that she in fact, lived. Half-French and Haitian, She attacked shipping in The Caribbean and was noted for Her ''striking Red Hair''. Reputedly killed while defending Her small ''Pirate Republic'' (which she was said to have founded). Having a small Fleet of Buccaneers, Delahaye was said to have used a rather unusual and decidedly ''female'' motif for Her Personal Colors. A Black Field, on The Hoist portion was placed the image (in White), of a ''Gentile Lady'', in the throes of a Gavot (dance). She does this with a Skeleton (meaning Death). So armed with a Cutlass, the two hold hands over a stylized Human Heart with bloodstains. It's ''Piratical Meaning''......''To Resist Me, is to Dance With Death!''