Flag of French Marshal Rochambeau

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By Crusader1307

Field Marshal Jean de Rochambeau occupied a major role in The American War for Independence against Great Britain (1775-1783). For several years, The United Colonies had actively sought foreign aid. A War of Attrition, The newly formed United States of America could not beat the might of The British Army ''head to head''. It needed the materials of War (which it could not produce in great numbers). ''Natural Enemies'' of England, France nonetheless was careful in ''stepping into War'' with England (having spent many years and many wars prior with that Country, trying to achieve it's own political ends). With moderate success on behalf of American Forces, France finally ''threw in'' (much to the protracted diplomacy of American statesman Ben Franklin). In 1780, France detailed Field Marshal Jean de Rochambeau and 5,500 French Soldiers and Naval Assets, to assist America. The flow of fresh and trained soldiers, as well as monies and materials, would quickly turn the tide into military victory and eventual independence for The United States of America. Rochambeau, although holding the Rank of Field Marshal, was granted the American Title of Major-General in The Continental Army. Rochambeau used a traditional French War Field Flag to identify his presence on a battlefield. This was a Flag with a White Field in it's entirety. In each Canton corner of His Flag was placed a single Gold Fleur de Lys (pointing inwards). Centered, was the Royal Seal of King Louis XIV.