Faule Grete Bombard

  • Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

Another legendary Medieval Bombard was The Faule Grete. Known in English as "The Lazy Grete", her name was given to her due to the time needed to move her and her also time consuming rate of fire. Developed and designed by The Order of The Teutonic Knights in 1409, it was said that Faule Grete was used at The Siege of Friestack in 1414. She was made of a solid piece of cast iron and was mounted on a wooden sled without wheels. She was staked into the ground for stability. She may have been in 520mm caliber class, and possible able to fire a 300 to 400 pound stone shot. Although she does not exist (possibly destroyed by The Teutonic Knights themselves), a very similar Bombard still exists (but much smaller) - this example was  owned and used by The Knights Hospitaller.