• Swords And Knive
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By Crusader1307

Developed as far back as the 16th Century, The Fascine was the forerunner of The Artillery Short Sword. Artillerymen (Gunners), needed a form of personal protection in battle. Often, rifles and muskets were impracticable for their use. Pistols were used and swords (of various types) were pressed into use. The Fascine was a short sword/dagger blade. Double-edged, it was designed for hacking and stabbing. Versions are documented as being slightly curved as well. Ranging from 15 to 20 inches long, they featured a “T” Guard Grip and Handle for very basic hand protection. Weight ranged from several to 4-pounds. Often carried in a scabbard, they were also used as a tool (for cutting wood and clearing brush and even digging holes!). Fascines are also in the evolutionary development of The Machete.