Extra and Additional Continental Regiments

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Unique and created to support The American War Effort of The Revolutionary War (1775-1873), The Extra and Additional Continental Regiments were Military Formations created to support The Continental Army under General George Washington. Unlike early Colonial Units – who signed 1-year enlistments, both The Extra and Additionals signed Contracts for the ''duration of The War''. While both Formations were authorized by Congress, the majority of The Extra Regiments were culled from many other States and formed into one Unit. Additional Regiments could be from no more than (2) States. Neither Formation used State numerical identifiers (4th New York, 3rd New Jersey, etc). '


(6) such Extra Regiments were formed with (16) Additionals (mostly Infantry Formations). They were akin to the modern equivalent of a Reserve Force. Despite this, all Extra and Additional Regiments saw active combat throughout the course of The War. Their Uniforms and equipment were the same as The Continental Army. Also unique, was that unlike State Regiments – supported by their respective Governments, Extra and Additional Regiments were supported by Congress only.