• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

In relation to The previously discussed Naperer, another 10th Century Medieval Occupation of The Ewery. Although related, The Ewery served a much different role. Once a Lord’s Linen and Towels were properly cleaned and pressed, they passed their responsibilities on to The Ewery. It was their responsibility to carefully store and protect them. They also had to maintain a proper accounting of same and were responsible for repairs. The Ewery also was responsible for the proper placement of The Linen on a Dining Table for a Banquet. All required hand towels were placed, or a stock was maintain nearby. The Ewery was often present during The Banquet to hand a clean Towel to a Guest. The Ewery did not clean a soiled Table Cloth or Towel. They also were not responsible for serving or removing food (as this was the job of a Page or designated Seward)