''Evacuation Day'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

With the end of The American Revolution in 1783, the last Garrison of British Soldiers were Stationed in New York City. On November 25, 1783 - orders were given for them to board Ships for home. Great crowds turned out to watch the spectacle. It is said one New Yorker named John Arsdale, was in the crowd at Battery Park, were the Garrison was stationed. He climbed the Flag pole and tire down The British Union Jack Flag (some state it could have been The Red Ensign). In it's place, this Flag was raised. The one-time used Flag was of traditional design of 7 to 6 Red and White Stripes. The Upper Canton was shown to have 12-White Stars arranged in a circular pattern. A larger Center Star was placed in the circle. Dubbed The "Evacuation Day" Flag, the "day" became a yearly celebrated (Regional) "Holiday". However, the original Flag design was never used again (with the original lost to time). "Evacuation Day" was not celebrate much after the 1820s.