European Lance

  • Polearms & Spear
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By Crusader1307

A Pole weapon or Spear designed for use by Cavalry troops. During the Middle Ages, The Lance was the predominate weapon of the cavalry. It was not designed as a throwing or thrusting  weapon (as were the "Classical" weapons of Rome and Greece). It composition was simple. a small metal or wooden circular cuff was installed at the user's hand point (grip). This not only protected the user's hand but kept his hand from slipping during impact The Lance shaft itself could range from 8 to 18 feet long (other examples 25 feet!). It's weight ranged from 10 to 20 lbs! The Lance was normally made of wood (often with metal tips). This made the Lance a "one use weapon". Often after use, the rider would have to fall back on his sword or related small arm for defense. Often used in mass charges, a fully armored horse and rider, was still slow. However, the psychological advantage of a line of these troops advance toward your position (first lances up.....then lances down), would spread fear throughout your line. Imagine standing before this imagine armed with nothing but a Military Fork or Spear! The "Lord of The Field" (as it was sometimes known), gave way to the rapid development of "anti-lance/rider" weapons such as the Halberd, Pike etc.