Esquire of The Body

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The Title and Position known as an ''Esquire of The Body'' was a Royal bestowed ''Award'' – seen in use around the late 15th Century AD. While originally only Noblemen (normally Sons and related), could hold The Title, much later specially chosen Persons (Common but of ''breeding'') could be selected. The Position was particularly popular in France and England. The ''Esquire of The Body'' was only a Male-oriented Position and was used by Kings. The Noble was tasked to be the Personal Attendant and Courtier to a specified Royal. They maintained Royal Clothing, looked to all needs regardless of hour and most importantly – served as Personal Secretary to Royalty. They wrote letters, notes even Edicts, at the request of their Liege. In some case, an Esquire of The Body would be dispatched from One King to another (or Queen).


An important Position and Title (which could lead to other more ''lofty'' employment) – The Esquire of The Body are often linked to another Position, that of Knight of The Body. While there were similarities, the differences were vast (depending on Region and Era). The Esquire would evolve into another Title, that of The ''Gentlemen of The Privy Chamber'' (as associated with England's King Henry VIII and onward). Later, when Gentry was no longer a requirement – The Position would become a form of the Modern equivalent of ''Valet''.