• Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

Translated to the term ''Feasters'' – The Epulones were a fixture of late Kingdom and Early Roman Republic Social Events. They were primarily responsible for setting religious and Royal (Imperial) functions. They were Classed as Priests and as such had immense prestige and authority. The Epulones staged Civil Games (Athletic) and the required Feasts and Ceremonies to The Gods and Goddesses of Rome. In cases of Religious Feasts, mostly The Emperor financed these – while most ''Games'' were funded by wealthy Patrons. The Epulones lived very well (siphoning a portion of these funds for their maintenance). They also filled their ''coffers'' from Patrons who wished to curry favor with their Order. Only (7) such Epulones existed at any given time with Rome. They recruited from The Noble Class for future replacements and went into wealthy luxury when they left service. Most of The Epulones function were transferred to the later Imperial Priesthood of the 2nd Century AD.