English Breech Loading ''Ground Gun''

  • Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

A primitive and experimental early, Cannon – it was first adapted for use in The Hundred Years War. Designed to “fire” a 125-Pound Stone or Rounded Lead Shot, the Barrel was cast in iron or bronze. Weighing in at 2-tons, the Cannon barrel was drug by Oxen to it's intended position. The critical matter was placement. Once placed, the Cannon could NOT be moved (and barely adjusted). A wooden stabilizer (which would evolve into a Cassion later), was built prior to emplacement. Once placed (at the desired elevation or on a raised earthen berm, the Cannon was “hammered into place” with wooden slats. Both ends of the Cannon barrel were open. Upon “setting” the Round into the barrel breech, gunpowder was packed into the rear (of which it was then sealed with a Rear Cap. A vent hole was then primed and ignited with a Linstock. The resulting “explosion” would sent the Round at a flat trajectory. Although not as effective against fortifications, The “Ground Gun” was devastating to Infantry and Cavalry.