Eli Boggs

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Nothing is known of where Eli Boggs came from or what pushed him to Piracy. He was considered the last of the 19th Century Pirates to ply their ''trade'' on the open Sea. Boggs worked primarily off The Chinese Coast in the 1850s. Boggs and his small Fleet of Clippers attacked The Opium Trade. He was said to have earned Millions of USDs in his ventures.


By 1857, Hong Kong Authorities (Great Britain), had tied of Boggs and His Crews. A Fleet of Chinese Warships would interdict Boggs, damaging his Fleet. Whereas Boggs was American, He was held in Prison in Hong Kong until 1860. He was deported to The United States on a murder charge. In 1861, Eli Boggs was hanged.