Egyptian Bow

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Bow was (next to The Spear), the most important piece of combat weaponry used by the Armies of Ancient Egypt. Developed even before The Old Kingdom, they were slowly refined and improved upon. Plant fibers or animal sinews were used for drawstrings. Recursive in basic design, the actual building stage of The Bow could take many months. The average Bow Stave was 5 to 6 feet in overall (non-drawn) state. Arrows were wooden also – and Ostrich plumes were used as Quills. A longer, non Recursive Bow was often favored by Archers on foot, whereas Charioteers tended to use shorter versions (The Composite). This was due to the constraints of a Chariot. These versions took more time (and were more expensive) – to manufacture.