Dutch Fokker G1 Heavy Fighter

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By Crusader1307

With it's design licensed thru The Fokker Aircraft Company, The Dutch (Netherlands) G1 Heavy Fighter shared many characteristics with the vaunted Messerschmitt Bf 110. Only (60) were produced for impending World War II service before The Dutch Netherlands was captured by Germany. And while some G1s saw service against Germany, the bulk were incorporated into The German Luftwaffe as Trainers. First incorporated in 1937, The G1 sat 2 to 3 Crewmenand was 46-feet in length. It's wingspan was 57-feet. Twin engines provided (English made), produced 840-HP with a rated speed of 300-mph. As a Heavy Fighter (classed to engage Bombers and Escorts), The G1 had a range of close to 1,000-miles with an operational ceiling of 33,000-feet. When operated by The Dutch Netherlands, The G1 supported a wide range of armament to include - (8) 7.9mm Guns and (3) supporting Auto-Cannons. None were nown to survive the War.