Dun Scotus

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Prior to the 16th Century, the conical Cap called “The Dunce Cap” was NOT considered a ridicule. Any Student asked to wear The Duns Scotus Cap was considered quite intelligent. Seen as an “original” thinker, The Duns Scotus Student was considered the ultimate proponent of “What Do You Think? He often fostered discourse of subjects learned or discussed in Class. He wore a long conical hat as his “position symbol” in Class. Based in part of the educational advances of John Duns Scotus (noted Theologian), he was known for his wearing of a similar conical hat. After the 16th Century, scholastic “idea men” (Duns Men or Dunce Men), were questioned and made fun of (as people openly debated more against The Church). Eventually, the conical cap of “knowledge” became used to identify a foolish, ignorant or unlearned person.