''Duck Foot'' Pistol

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By Crusader1307

Developed in the 17th/18th Century, this weapon was another innovation on weapons. This version was designed in England. It was a .45 caliber weapon that featured 4 "cannon shaped" barrels (spreading outward) - hence it's name "The Duck Foot". Designed to be used on multiple targets, as in a crowd. The theory was that a single charge of powder (ignited by flintlock), would spark the 4 previously loaded barrels - sending 4 rounds outward (in multiple directions). Although the idea of 4 .45 caliber shots coming at one is "unnerving", in reality - this weapon malfunctioned more than it worked. Versions of this weapon were seen in Naval use, where it was apparently used with great effect (as a close quarter weapon). The Duck Foot did not last long into the early 19th Century.