• Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Another popular form of coinage sought out by Pirates, was The Ducat. One of the oldest minted gold coins, the name "Ducat" is derived from "Duke" or "Duchy's Coin". Originally minted in the 12th Century, most Northern and Eastern European Nations minted and incorporated The Ducat. The coin was gold - at 3.53 grams and wad graded at 98.6 fine. This made it a popular International currency for trade and commerce. Ducats were noted for their highly detailed side relief images struck into the coin, it honor of the seated Monarch or Nobility upon who owned the particular mint.
Due to their high gold content, Ducats were. Natal attraction for Pirates. Many raids along The West African Coast would yield Ducats. The Ducat would continue to be minted well into the 20th Century.