Doron Plates

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By Crusader1307

Devised by USMC GF Doriot, The Doron Plate was an early example of today's Tactical Combat Armor Plating. Unlike steel and armor plated vests seen in earlier 19th Century Wars (and their more ancient plating used in The Medieval Gambeson and related personal armor), The Doron Plate was made from pressed and glued sheets of fiberglasss and resin. Cut into small blocks, these were inserted into a nylon vest or carrier. The Vest was then worn over the fatigue shirt. Initially, which the Vest would not stop bullets, it provided excellent protection to various shrapnel and secondary debris from blast radius. The Doron Plate Vest was first used by Marines at The Battle of Okinawa (1945). They would remain the standard Field Issue for Combat Marines (used with The M-1951 thru M-1956 Vests). They would remain such until the advent of Kelvar (currently in use).