• The English Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Born out of the somewhat regulated ''chaos'' of The English Civil War, the term ''Digger'' was given to those Protestants who had an extreme radicalized view on the newly established English Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell. Some Historians liken The Diggers as a form of Anarchism – with a tinge of Socialism.


The name given (seen as derisive) – of  ''Diggers'' was related to The Biblical Book of Acts, which describes those Radicals who (like Farmers ''leveling land'' to promoted growth), ''Levellers'' attempted to ''dig'' their way (through Protest and acts of Rebellion), Commonwealth oppression and establish a true Agrarian Society. Hence, the more subversive term ''Digger'' was applied by The Commonwealth.


Diggers were actively against individual ownership of anything – likening their beliefs into a more communal based Society. And while as an organized Group, The Diggers would fade with The Restoration of The Monarchy, their beliefs would echo well into The 20th Century – and not just with English Radicals. Much of their ideology would migrate into The Americas in the 18th Century – forward.