Dhal Shield

  • Armor
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By Crusader1307

Mahdist Forces, during The Sudanese War of 1881-1899 – commonly used a varied collection of available weapons and Armor in their War against The British. The Dhal Shield was a form of Buckler Shield (common in late Medieval Europe). The Dhal was developed originally in Southeast Asia and was adopted into Persian Culture. Hence, many Muslim Tribe Members in Northern Africa and Egypt used Dhal Shields. Normally, Dhal Shields were circular and made of stretched (dried) animal hide. Bending outward, The Dhal featured as many as (4) Bosses. Some Tribes used Silver or Gold inlays as a form of decoration (often inscribed with Islamic Protection Prayers). Steel versions were also used. The Dhal had two handles attached to the interior of The Shield by which an arm could pass through.