• Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

These were medium-sized cannons (similar but slightly larger than The Culverin class of guns). Developed in the mid-17th Century, they were always considered unwieldy. A standard gun of the period was around a 42-pound shot weapon. Demi Guns were easily measured at 11 feet long with a 6-inch bore diameter. The average weight was around 5,600 pounds and required 18 pounds of powder (to fire a 32 pound shell). Most Demi Guns had an effective range of 1,600 yards. Most Demi Guns were popular with Naval forces (particularly with the English). The Demi Gun would have been reserved for the larger ships of the line (or three-deckers). Even with their relatively long range, the preferred tactic was to get as close as possible to an enemy ship (in a broadside position advantage), and use a volley of Demi Guns (to inflict maximum damage). Demi Guns ceased to be deployed by the mid 18th Century, due to their previously mentioned size.