• Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

The Roman Title of "Decurio", served twin meanings. From an Administrative Position, The Decurio was a "lessor" Senatorial Seattle of Power in Provinces and Territories under direct Roman Control. Normally, only 100 Decurios could be "seated" at one time. A Decurio needed to be a minimum of 25 years old, a "Citizen" of Rome, Owner of prescribed Properties and experienced in Warfare. They served as Judges and passed out verdicts. The Decurio was considered a sub-sect of Rome's larger "Curia". In Military issues, The Decurio was expected to field at a minimum, 25 Armored Cavalryman and to be able to assume command of them. They formed part of a Provinces "Auxiliari" in self-defense and in conscription. In battle, The Decurio had equal Rank with a standard "Centurion".