''Day and Night'' Rapiers

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By Crusader1307

A standard 18th Century Rapier Sword, roughly 3 to 4 feet long – was a popular and often used weapon on both land and sea (and by military and civilian alike). As a sea weapon, The Rapier was an ideal close quarters weapons. It had a slight disadvantage in that (as most swords of some quality) – were highly polished. As such, they would pickup almost any light source (creating a reflection). This could give away one's position (especially at night when “darkness” was an advantage). A Night Rapier was specifically made burnished or blackened. The purposely darkened blade, handle and scabbard drew little to any light. This made “night attacks” particularly successful. Conversely, a Day Rapier – was any non-burnish blade (used only for daytime operations). The Day and Night Rapier were popular with Pirates, Privateers and some British Royal Naval Officers.