David Mathers

  • American West
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By Crusader1307

David Mather - also known as ''Mysterious Dave'', was born in Connecticut in 1851. The Son of a Sea Captain – Dave saw little of His Father. Upon news that He was murdered in China, Dave and His Mother moved in with Family. He had a series of Labor jobs, until He too – decided to ''go to Sea''. Ending up in New Orleans, Louisiana (US) – Dave somewhat disappeared to History – until He showed up again as a Buffalo Hunter in Kansas in the 1870s. A ''hard drinker'' – often called a ''mean drunk'', Dave would get into fights often. These conflicts began to end in gunfights, with Dave the victor. He would be ''wanted'' in several Western States. Each time He was ''apprehended'' – Dave had the ability to get acquitted in Court. This led to Dave taking on the job of Deputy Sheriff in several well known Frontier Cities – Dodge City, Kansas being one of them.

Dave, who was a ''friend'' of both famed Western Lawmen Wyatt Earp and ''Bat'' Masterson – was typical of most Men who worked as a Gunman. Part of the time, He was Law Enforcement, the rest – as an Outlaw. His nickname ''Mysterious Dave'' came from the fact that He never answered questions about His past. As a supposed Outlaw, Dave was credited with at least 8 deaths (mostly as a result of Robbery attempts). Dave would disappear to Western History in the late 1880s. Many think that He was eventually killed as an Outlaw, and buried without identity in Las Vegas, Nevada (US). Others, claim He made His way to Canada, where He changed His name and became a Policeman.