David M. Peterson

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

The Honesdale, Pennsylvania (US) born David M. Peterson – was among the first American volunteers to The French formed Lafayette Escadrille, which saw service in World War I. Composed of foreign (mostly American) Pilots, Peterson scorned (2) kills against German Fighters in 1917. With the eventual involvement of The United States towards the end of The War, Peterson would transfer to several US Flying Service Squadrons. He would scored (6) additional kills, one sortie of which earned Him The Distinguished Flying Cross.


Over Luneville, France, Peterson was ambushed by (3) Imperial German Fighters. The rest of His Squadron were likewise surprised. Without aid and at an altitude of 3,500 feet, Peterson was able to engage and evade the three, shooting them down. Eventually promoted to Major, Peterson would command The 95th Aero Squadron. By the end of The War, Peterson would rack up an impressive (2) such Flying Crosses as well as several French Awards. Tragically, only one year after The War (1919), Peterson (who still maintained His love of flying), was killed in an accident in the skies over His hometown of Honesdale.