Damarius Page

  • General History
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By Crusader1307

Damarius Page's Life was and is a much ''Legend'' and it is fact. The 17th Century English Woman came from a harsh Family background. Abused and sold into Prostitution at an early age, Page would eventually escape Her Family and marry a Baker in London. But soon after the nuptials, Page became pregnant. While attempting to have an abortion, She murdered Her ''Nurse'' with a pitchfork. Tried and convicted, Page would soon hang but pleaded ''The Belly Defense''. This obscure Law stated that a pregnant woman could not be hanged. The ploy worked, and Page was released from Her sentence. She gave birth to Her child, but all records of what happened to it is lost. Some think she sold the child. Page would turn to Prostitution yet again, and would actually make a ''decent living'' at it (working the docks for in-coming Sailors).able to secure enough funds to buy a House near The Dock, She would eventually craft it into one of London's most ''popular'' Whore Houses of the 17th Century. As such she hired more Women and became VERY Wealthy.

Damarius also made money in another way – from her Clients. Often, Page worked with Press Gangs looking for illegal recruits for The Navy and Commerce Ships. In this too – Page made a tidy sum. But the ''word got out'' very quickly and Page's life would be put into question. During The 'Great Bawdy House Riots'' of 1689, Page's House was set on fire by rioting Seamen and She narrowly escaped death yet again. Page would (with a little money She had saved, moved into Her sisters home and sought out out to write a ''Tale'' of Her Life (which actually made some money) and earned Her an infamous name yet again. However, Page ran afoul of The Protestant Reformation, which targeted all ''vices'' in a ''Christian England''. Put back in Prison for 2 years, She would contract ''consumption'' and died. She was buried in Potter Field (for The Poor). In later Centuries, Page would become a type of Folk Hero and even ''Saint'' (of sorts) to other London Prostitutes.