Czechoslovakian Avia S-199 Fighter Plane

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The Czechoslovakian Avia S-199 was first designed and flown in 1947, and was born from Germany's Messerschmitt Bf-109 Fighter Plane. Over 600 Production Models were deployed with The Czech Air Forces. Many were additionally sold to Israel, which used them for Training and Patrol Aircraft. The Avia S-199 first saw combat during 1948s Arab-Israeli War. The Model was removed from Service in 1949, due to technological advancements. The Avia S-199 was flown by (1). Measured to 30-feet, with a wingspan of 33-feet, The S-199 was powered by a single Junkers Jumo V-12 Piston Engine, which produced 1,350-HP. Airspeed was rated to 330-mph with an operational ceiling of 20,000-feet. Designed to support Ordnance, The S-199 could be deployed with (1) 550-lb. Bomb or (4) 155-lb. Bombs. The Fighter also featured (2) 13mm Machine Guns and (2) 20mm Cannon.