• Swords And Knive
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By Crusader1307

These weapons were short swords designed as slashing blades. Single-edged with a flanged point, the hilt of the sword was normally a solid cupped shaped or basket-hilt component. The Cutlass became very popular among Navies. Seen around the 17th Century, they were designed from the many similar weapons of the 16th Century (The Messer being an example) . They are possibly an early variation of The Machete. The Cutlass was used on land. The sword was small enough (owing to the space concerns of ships). They were ideal for cutting rope, wood and canvas. A typical cutlass blade was around 30 to 35 inches long, made of steel and weighing around 2 pounds. They were not always carried in scabbards. They were excellent for close quarters combat and training in their use was relatively fast. The Ottoman Empire's Janissary Guard carried a very similar weapon – known as The Yatagan.