CSS ''Tennessee''

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By Crusader1307

The Confederate States Naval Ram "Tennessee", was a Casemate Ironclad Warship, launched late in The War Between The States. Designed by Henry Bassett, she was launched in 1864. At 1,200 displaced tons and 209-feet long, "Tennessee", as a Casemate meat that she featured a reinforced structured Decking. She was equipped with (2) 7-inch and (4) 6.4-inch Brooke Guns. She featured twin steam engines and 4 boilers - capable of 5-knots. Her compliment of crew was 133. "Tennessee" featured a reinforced wooden frame with a 5-inch iron plates Case mate structure, with Decking armor at 2-inches. Designed to break The "Farragut Fleet" of Union Warships in possession of Mobile Bay, Alabama in 1864, she was unable to withstand the crippling fire of their combined salvos. Unable to further fight, she surrendered to Federal Forces. The US Navy repaired and pressed her into service, as USS "Tennessee", retaining her Commissioning name. Now as a Federal Ironclad, she participated in several Southern Coastal sieges. She remained on the Navy Roster until she was broken up for scrap in 1867.