CSS ''Squib''

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By Crusader1307

The Confederate Navy was at best, a "long shot" creation, seen necessary if The South had any hope of breaking the very effective Union Blockade. The vast majority of their Warships were captured from ex-Federal Ports and Shipyards the start of The War. However, The Confederacy saw the benefits of "Ironclad" warfare (just in it's infancy). The Rebel Navy developed many innovative designs and were "pioneers" in "Submersibles" (Submarines). Towards the end of The War, The South developed many unique and one of a kind Fighting vessels. One such was The CSS "Squib". The "Squib" was a Ship Launch that was armored with 1.5-inches of iron plating on it's hull. A single engine boiler was added for propulsion. The 70-foot "Squib" could achieve 2-knots. A single Spar Torpedo was mounted on a Iron Bowsprint (53-pound charge). The "Squib" had a Crew of 6. She was used at nightime to sneak up on Federal Ship, and ram their Spar into the enemy hull.  In 1864, The CSS "Squib" performed it's only recorded attack. Maneuvering up to The USS "Minnesota" (a Frigate), she severely damaged the Ships hull. However, no loss of life was reported.