CSS ''Sea Bird'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

The CSS ''Sea Bird'' was a modified Sidewheel Steamer, pressed into War Service by The Confederate States Naval in 1861. Built in New Jersey (1854), The ''Sea Bird'' was used as an Eastern Coastal Cargo and Passenger Vessel. She was in Norfolk Harbor (Virginia) at the start of The War and was captured. Pressed into Confederate Naval Service, ''Sea Bird'' crewed 40-Officers and Men. Armament included (1) 32-pounder Cannon and a single 30-pounder Gun. Part of The Confederacy's ''Mosquito Fleet'' (small commandeered and modified Warships that defended The Coasts of Virginia to North Carolina), she would be sunk by The Union Navy's USS ''Commodore Perry'' (an Ironclad Gunboat) in 1862. ''Sea Bird'' displaced 200-tons and was 133-feet long. Her Beam was 22-feet and used a Single Steam Engine (low pressure). Her Flag was a Tricolor, which resembled The French National Flag (3 Vertical Bars of Blue, White and Red). In The Blue Bar, was a ''Christian Cross'' composed of 11-White Stars (forming The Cross). These represent the then 11-Confederate States.