CSS ''Savannah''

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By Crusader1307

The Confederate States Naval Warship "Savannah", was a "Richmond"-Class, Casemate Ironclad. Built by H.F. Willink in Savannah Harbor (Georgia). She was named for The City of Savannah. "Savannah" was 150-feet long and stood 34-feet tall in the water. A steam reciprocal engine, she could make 6-knots. "Savannah" crewed 180 men. Her armament was (2) 7-inch rifled cannon and (2) 6.4-inch rifled guns. "Savannah" could also be rigged for a Spar Torpedo. Assigned to The Savannah River Squadron, she was known as the most efficient of the Squadron vessels. When Union General William Sherman's Army readied themselves for the Capture of Savannah  (1864), "Savannah" was burned and scuttled in the River to block Federal Warships.