CSS ''Palmetto State''

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By Crusader1307

Built in 1862, The Confederate States Naval Ironclad Ram "Palmetto State", was a Casemate-Class vessel. Featuring 4-inches of armor plating wad reinforced by 22-inches of wooden frame. Her hull was plated with 2-inches of armor. She weighed 850-tons displaced and wad 159-feet long. Standing 34-feet high (beam), "Palmetto State" was steam powered and could achieve 7-knots. She crewed 150-men. She was Ram, which also featured additional armament of (2) 7-inch Brooke Guns and (2) Dahlgren Cannon.  She was the Sister Ship of The CSS "Chicora". Her first Naval engagement was against The USS "Mercedita" (a Union Warship). "Palmetto State" sunk her. She was successful against The Union Blockade in and around Charleston Harbor. Named for The State of South Carolina's nickname of "The Palmetto State", she fought until she was purposely sunk by Confederate Authorities before she could be captured by Federal Forces in 1865.