CSS ''Fredericksburg''

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

The Confederate Naval Casemate Ram "Fredricksburg" (named for the City located in Virginia), was built between 1862 and 1863. it was not launched until  late in The American Civil War (1864). "Fredricksburg" displaced 2,500-tons and was 175-feet long. She stood 40-feet tall  (Beam).  Her coal heated boilers generated enough steam for "Fredricksburg" to achieve 5-knots. she carried (1) 11-inch Smoothbore Cannon, (1) 8-inch Rifled Gun and (2) 6.4-inch Cannon. she crewed 150 men. Her plating averaged between 2 to 4-inches of iron, supported by 12-inches of wooden hull support.


"Fredricksburg" was assigned to The James River Squadron, which consisted of an additional 9 Ironclads. Her first engagement was as The Battle of Trent's Reach in 1864. along with the CSS "Virginia" (of The Battle of Hampton Roads fame), fought the Double Turreted USS "Onondaga". Neither side inflicted much damage to the other. The James River Squadron  (including "Fredricksburg" was sailed deep into The James River and purposely sunk to both prevent capture by The Union Navy and to effectively block the River, in 1865.