CSS ''Fanny''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Fanny'' was originally built as a Steam Tug Ship, that was pressed into The Federal Naval Service (USS) as both a Harbor Defense Ship and later, as a Observation Balloon Tender, in 1861 – at the start of The American Civil War. ''Fanny'' is often looked upon as the first ''Aircraft Carrier''. She would be captured by Confederate Forces off of North Carolina. As CSS ''Fanny'', She would serve as a Gunboat – serving off The Virginia Coast. In 1862, ''Fanny'' engaged several Federal Gunboats off The Virginia Coast. Running low on ammunition, Her Captain ''ran Her a-ground''. Re-captured by The Union Navy, She was found too badly damaged to be placed into service. Her Guns were salvaged and ''Fanny'' was scuttled. ''Fanny'' crewed 50-men. She possibly displaced 2-tons and was roughly 125-feet in length. Her Armament included (1) 32-Pounder Main Gun and (1) 8-Pounder Rifled Gun. Her Main Gun is in The Museum of The Washington DC Naval Yard.