• Cold War
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By Crusader1307

Initiated by The US Government in 1976, ''CRP-2B'' was a ''Nuclear War Scenario'' – developed by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In the ''War Game'', it was postulated the outcome of a Nuclear exchange between The United States and The (then) Soviet Union. The Test specified the ''use'' of 1,445 Nuclear Weapons of all deployment types, with a maximum yield not exceeding 6,500-MT.


The predominate locations of attack was The Continental United State, with given values such as a ''Weekday'' as opposed to a ''Weekend'' strike (and visa versa'). It was reasoned (by computer), that the US population stood an 80% change of ''survival'' as a result of such an exchange. Several factors were somewhat ''pre-programed'' such as the US population having (roughly) 2 to 5-days of ''advance warning'' to evacuate major cities (owing to a state of ''rising tensions'' between the two Nations, which would be well televised).


Casualties were placed at between 85 and 125 Million dead (with a matching value given to The Soviet Union as a result of retaliation). However, factors such as limited Medical supply and food distribution were not factored in (as were not ''Nuclear Winter'' effects). As such, the casualty numbers would be much higher and show within weeks and months after such a hypothetical ''War''.