Croatian Pandurian Infantry

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By Crusader1307

Formed under The Habsburg Monarch in 1741, this Croatian Infantry Unit was deployed as skirmishers (harassing troops). They were volunteers. The name "Pandur" is closely associated with Security Patrols used to maintain order. The Pandur were noted for their attached military band (and maintained the claim of pioneering martial music). They did not have a standardized uniform - preferring to dress in the "Oriental fashion" popular in Western Europe at the time. They carried a standard infantry flintlock and were known to carry 4 daggers and a fighting knife. They had a reputation for bravery in battle - but were equally known for their lack of discipline and looting. They fought with distinction during The War for Austrian Succession and personally took part in the destruction of 6 castles and the capture of Munich, Germany. They also had the distinction of capturing the personal wagon of Emperor Frederick The Great (making off with money, uniforms, weapons and The Emperor's horse). The Unit's commander, Barron Franz Trenck, was arrested and tried for unspecified acts of violence. Left without a commander, The Pandur were eventually merged into The 53rd Infantry Regiment. The Pandur Armored Fighting Vehicle (used by the modern Croatian Infantry), was named in honor of them.