Crewman (Position)

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By Crusader1307

Average Crewmen, they were assigned everyday duties necessary for the daily operation of the ship. This may include cleaning or “swabbing” the Main Deck, chipping and repairing the woodwork of the deck and Masts as well as “running” the various sail patterns needed to maximize wind capture for propulsion. The average Crewman was also the primary fighting force against an enemy. Time was spent maintaining proper weapons function (cleaning of cannon and firearms as well as sharping various bladed weapons). Crewmen also worked in Cargo Holds. Possibly one of the most dangerous positions on the ship, it required expert use of lines and ropes, block and tackle – and brute strength to bring in captured cargo. One could lose a limb if one was not careful. Crewmen were also Powder Monkeys or Cabin Boys (if underage). Seamen also served on the various 24-hour “Watches” (called “Dog Watches”) - on the ship. They were positioned on the Bow and Stern – as well as the Main Mast to keep a careful lookout for hazards (and Prizes). They were relieved every 2-hours. Seamen also received the lowest of the shares of Prizes taken.