Court of Chancery

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The ''Court of Chancery'', were a common form of dispensing Legal Justice and determining Law in England. They were first seen formed around 1066 AD. Traditionally, The seated King or Queen selected all Judges and related Legal Experts to serve, for an specific Period of time. Dealing with matters relative to The Crown, all ''smaller'' or less important Cases were directed to the likewise early formed Court of Common Pleas. Although easily corrupted, some well known advances of The Court, was the declaration and standardizing of ''spoken'' English. The establishment of various Educational norms as well were advanced as a result of Chancery Regulations. By the time of The Commonwealth (17th Century), The Court of Chancery was suspended and reformed due to centuries of corruption and graft. Although seeping reforms were made, The Court saw itself slip back into it's infamous past under The Restoration Period (Charles II). It was not until The Victorian Era of the 19th Century, that a more rigorous selection of Judges and Court appointed Lawyers and Clerks were established. By 1875, The Court would be absorbed into The High Court of Justice (akin to a Supreme Court). It is regulated by established and codified Laws.