Cortez Cavalry Flag

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen with Hernando Cortez' and his Expeditionary Flag (a Personal Color), The Spanish Conquestadore and Explorer was responsible for the eventual fall of The Aztec Empire in Central America and the firm establishment of The Region as a Spanish Colony. With 500-Men (200 of which were Cavalry), he effectively waged his Campaign from 1519-1521. Cortez' Cavalry carried a Guidon Banner, which was of personal design (The Spanish Imperial Standard was the only “Official” Colors recognized). Cotez however, as did most Commanders from Spain and Portugal -p designed and used their own Battle Standards. Many of these were based on their Personal Family Crests or Heraldry.


Cortez had his Cavalry (Mount Coquestadores), carry this Banner. It was a Red Swallowtail Pennant. At the “Hoist” of The Flag was a White and Gold Image of The “Holy Spirit” in the form of a White Dove. This was seen as invoking Cortez religious beliefs (Catholic). Most of his Banner were returned to Spain after The Military Expedition in 1525. None are know to exist, with paintings being the only source.