Cookson Repeating Musket

  • Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

The Cookson Flintlock Rifle was a lever action, breech loading repeater (sometimes known as The Cookson Gun). Examples were seen as far back as 1680. The Cookson version dates to 1750, and has a a 2-chamber horizontally rotating drum. Loading was achieved by lowering a lever which was positioned on the weapons right side. This caused chambers to line up with the 2 magazines located within the butt stock of the gun. One chamber contained a .55 caliber shot and the other a 60 grain powder charge. When the lever was cocked rearward (then forward), the shell would charge into the chamber (now lined up now with powder). The weapon was now ready to be fired. To chamber another round, the process would be repeated. The chamber would hold 7 rounds. Although misfires and malfunctions were frequent, the Cookson heralded the way for more advanced Repeating Rifles.