Conwy Castle

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By Crusader1307

Located in Conway, Wales - Conwy Castle was constructed sometime between 1283 and 1289 under King Edward I of England (during his conquest of Wales). His initial plan was to extend the walls of the castles perimeter defenses to encircle the entire nearby town of Conwy. This was accomplished at great expense. It was besieged by Welsh hero Madog ap Llwelyn in 1294 (during The Welsh Rebellion). Recaptured in 1399 by Richard II, it fell yet again in 1401.


During The English Civil War Conwy was held by the Royalist forces of Charles I. They held it until 1646 (when surrendered). The Rebel Government ordered Conwy to be slighted. This was partially done in 1648. By 1665, now a complete ruin, Conwy was further damage for stone and scrap iron. In it's heyday, Conway sported 8 defensive towers and 2 Barbicans. It consists of an Inner and Outer Bailey Ward. A Postern (entrance) was made for re-supply from the nearby river. It is noted for having  well preserved Royal apartments (Edward I). It can be visited.


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