Connecticut Colonial Privateer Flag

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, The Continental Navy of the fledgling United Colonies of America was at times, non-existent. Many Colonies which had Coastlines quickly converted their Merchant Ships into their own "Navies" - to harass British Supply and Warships. These "Privateers" were small and agile Ships, many with shallow enough draught to slip into Inlets and deep Rivers to escape capture or "retribution". A well known "Sponsor" of Colonial Privateering, was The Colony of Connecticut. Creating their own Privateer Force of 10 to 15 Vessels, they used tactics and weather to strike and hide. The Standard they used was a Blue Field in entirety. A White Canton was placed in the Upper Left corner. Centered there was the image of a Mayflower (now the State Flower). No wording or phrases were placed on these Colors. The Connecticut Privateer Flag was flown from 1776 to 1779, when the surviving Ships were assimilated into The Continental Navy - and replaced with The Red and White Striped Ensign.