Confederate Richmond .58 Caliber Rifle

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By Crusader1307

Hampered by supplies and replacement parts very early in The American Civil War, The rebel Confederate Government at first was only able to supply “captured” Federal Guns from the many Arsenals it had taken at the start of The War. Different calibers and types, meant that no real “standardized” rifle existed. The Richmond Model 1861 was a first attempt to fix that problem. The Rifle was a 56-inch, .58 caliber rifled weapon. It featured an impressive 600 yard effective range. Around 8.5 pounds, it was light and easy to use (due to the inclusion of Percussion Caps). The weapon was also made in a “Carbine Version” that was prized by many Confederate Cavalrymen. The Richmond was also designed in a short “Musketoon” version (a type in-between the long and Carbine version). Made in North Carolina and Georgia (for a time), as Union victories pushed farther South, production ceased due to many Arsenals and supply parts being captured. It is estimated some 40,000 Richmond Rifle types were produced.