Confederate Mississippi Battle Flag

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By Crusader1307

With Mississippi's succession from The Union to join The Confederacy (1861), she (as did the other “States”), designed their own Flag. Although they recognized the National Colors of their newly formed Confederacy, many States wished to have their own “Patriotic Banner”. Many of these would be carried into The War (in some cases to the very end). Mississippi's “entry” was The Magnolia Battle Flag. The Magnolia Tree (and it's sweet blossoms), were a well-known feature in The South. The Tree was figured prominently (in full color) – against an all White Field. In the Upper left Canton, was a smaller field of Blue with a single White Star (to represent “The Bonnie Blue Flag”). The entirety of the Flags border was trimmed in Red. The Mississippi Flag was known to have been carried as late as 1863 by State Units.