Confederate Hart's Artillery Flag

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By Crusader1307

An interesting Unit History, Hart's Battery of Artillery was assigned to The Confederate Army of Arkansas in 1861, at the start of The American Civil War. Raised on and around "Indian Territory", it was first deployed into combat in 1861, at The Battle of Elk Tavern. Losing their position to a Union Army Regiments charge, The Battery "ran" in the face of The Enemy. Dishonored, they were disbanded and their Colors "cased". Later reconstituted, The Battery was again sent into battle - experiencing the same fate. Still allowed to remain in Service, the hard luck Hart's Battery remained a "cursed" Unit until the end of The War. Their Flag was a 4-foot X 2-foot cloth, designed after The 1st National Colors of The Confederate States. 3 large Stripes made up it's Field (Red, White and Red). The Canton was Blue and consisted of 10-White Stars arranged on a circular pattern. A larger 11th White Star was centered in the circle. The Stars represented each Confederate State. Finally, centered on the White Field Stripe, was an embroidered pair of Golden Artillery Cannon barrels (the time honored symbol of The Artillery, in most Military)