Confederate General Polk 1st Division Flag

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By Crusader1307

Confederate General Leonidas Polk designed and had made this Flag, used to identify his “1st Division” (also known as “The Grand 1st”). Prior to the War, Polk (after retiring initially from The Army after The Mexican War) – became a Preacher. He joined The Confederacy and when offered command of his own Army, he wanted his “Flag” to have some relation to Christ. His flag was a semi-light Blue Field with a St. George Cross placed center and extending to all points. This Cross was Red in color. Inside the Cross, was placed 13-White Stars (to represent The Confederate States). It was the unusual placing of the Stars (with the Center Bar to the Cross appearing to have “jumbled” alignment). Another reasoning for his Flag was the current used “Stars and Bars” too much resembled The US Flag. The Polk Flag was carried in some form through The War.